Marketplace Minute: Check Out Our New FAQ Section and Streamlined Self-Publish Process

July 30, 2023

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The Distributed Media Lab (DML) team is committed to continuously improving the Marketplace customer experience.

Recently, we rolled out two new features to ensure a more streamlined experience for editorial and sales teams. Our new FAQ section provides quick, digestible responses to the most common questions asked by customers. And our new series order form for The Meta Branded Content Project streamlines the process for signing up to receive monthly articles in our 10 engaging, sponsor-ready series.

Read on for more information about these exciting new features and the exciting things our development team is working on for release in the near future!

New FAQ Section Gives You Quick Answers

What exactly is Distributed Media Lab? How do collections work? Do they cost any money? How do I launch a sponsorship or set up an ad campaign? What sports collections does DML offer?

These are just a few of the many questions we cover in the Marketplace’s new FAQ section. The DML team spent more than a year logging and compiling actual customer questions to create the FAQ section. The section provides quick, digestible answers to all your DML-related questions. Sub-sections include:

You can use the FAQ section to get real answers on your own time. Of course, if you ever need additional help, the DML team is here to help! You can always email us at

Streamlining the Self-Publish Option for Branded Content

Distributed Media Lab serves as the technology partner for The Meta Branded Content Project. The initiative uses the strength of storytelling to simultaneously provide advertisers with the ability to sponsor engaging, unique content that connects with the customers they’re trying to reach. Every Monday, we publish a new article in each of our 10 series.

The Meta Branded Content Project and DML team work together to also provide publishers’ sales teams with sales support materials, including:

Publishers have two options to receive content across each of the 10 series: Collections or self-publish.

The self-publish series cost $500 each. Content is delivered via email one month in advance. For example, May articles are sent to your inbox on the final business day of March. You can use these articles across any medium or platform. The photos included with each piece are limited to digital use only and must only be used within the article they accompany.

This month, DML launched a simple order form that streamlines the process for leveraging self-publish articles. Sales executives can easily fill out the form for each of the 10 series they’d like to order, ensuring consistent billing and deliverables.

The order form is the latest innovation to our seamless experience, enabling publishers to focus on selling sponsorships while we take care of semantics!

Updated Look for Collections

We recently rolled out some small design modifications to our collections. Headlines now have a larger font and bold styling. These changes are particularly noticeable in our larger formats.

We currently offer various layouts, including:

On Tap for Q2

We’re excited to launch new ad analytics that will be available directly in the Campaign Manager. These analytics will provide impressions and click-through rate data for your campaigns, and a downloadable, self-serve PDF report.

We continue to work toward improving design options for our collections. In Q2 we aim to release a new embed wizard that will provide easy access to our various layouts and their embed codes.

As always, the DML team is ready to help with any questions, needs or additional support you need. In the meantime, we look forward to continuing to improve your Marketplace experience!

Caitlin Hendee
Director of Editorial
Distributed Media Lab

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