Custom Content Collections Help Advertisers Stand Out

July 30, 2023


Distributed Media Lab works closely with the Meta Branded Content Project to help publishers generate new revenue streams and fund editorial operations.

Each month, DML and the Branded Content Project host a training call with publishers across the country offering unique themes aimed at helping them discover ways to bring in sponsorships and advertisers.

Our last call of the year showcased how custom content is an excellent way for local advertisers to get noticed and stand out from the competition.

We highlighted Pitch Black’s successful Community EmPOWERment custom content campaign, made possible via DML’s proprietary collection technology.

Custom content is a step above ads because it engages advertisers’ target audiences by helping them build brand authority while maintaining a distinct voice. Custom content positions advertisers as industry experts and increases trust and awareness among customers, making it an excellent addition to sales packages.

DML, in partnership with the Branded Content Project, offers two distinct custom content options:

Professional Article:


Tanisha Leonard, president of Pitch Black (a Real Times Media company formerly known as RTM360°), sold the Community EmPOWERment custom content series for local electric company Duquesne Light Co. (DLC). The New Pittsburgh Courier’s website hosts the collection on its website. It features unique content centered around four pillars that were important to DLC:

Data shows how successful the collection’s visual lightbox display has been in establishing DLC as an industry leader while simultaneously connecting with its audience. Over nine months, the collection’s data showed:

Leonard said the collection was easy to embed on the website and is one element that helped Pitch Black establish an advisory relationship with customers like DLC, including messaging development around social justice.

“They realized that they have been absent from the Black community in Pittsburgh, and they wanted a way to substantially re-engage,” Leonard said.

In addition, the media outlet was able to charge more for the custom content, resulting in higher profit margins and recurring revenue.

DML and the Branded Content Project are committed to supporting publishers with building a custom content pitch for sales presentations. 

Email or for help building a custom content pitch. Once you sell a custom content article or series, ordering it in the DML Marketplace is straightforward and provides you with a white-glove custom content experience.

(The Branded Content Project's Liz Hayes contributed to this article.)

Caitlin Hendee
Director of Editorial
Distributed Media Lab

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