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Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how do I access DML's collections and features?
What is a collection?
Is there a cost to use Distributed Media Lab collections?
Can I create my own collections?
How do I embed a collection?
What is AMP’d content?
What is custom content?
Are there any requirements to include custom content in a collection?
What do I do if I have custom content that is not AMP’d?
Do Distributed Media Lab collections slow down page loading time?
Who gets credit for pageviews and ad impressions coming from DML collections on my website?
How do I add a new user to my account?
Do ad creatives have to be static?
Why is there a discrepancy between Google Ad Manager and Console impressions?
Do collections contain market exclusivity?
How should we price a content series to sponsors?
What kind of training and education do you provide to sales teams?
How do I find collections in the Marketplace?
What are products?
Where do I set up ad campaigns?