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Distributed Media Lab’s mission is to help establish a more viable economic framework for quality original content on the open web.

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The web has evolved to favor platforms that consolidate audience and data, thereby gaining centralized control over the economics of the environment.

Distributed Media Lab is focused on leveling the playing field and driving market opportunity for quality publishers, while providing a compelling user experience centered around quality and relevant content, distributed in a way that is designed to flow naturally across the decentralized architecture of the open web.

We help publishers become digital platforms able to aggregate and syndicate with absolute efficiency.

Distributed Media Lab operates DML Marketplace and DML Hub, technology platforms that make it easy to embed and distribute collections of content across the web. To see example collections visit our Explore page.


Media + Tech is hard. Experience matters.

DML is the vision of David Gehring and Sam Parnell. After selling his last company to Google in October 2017, Gehring founded DML in January 2018 with Parnell, previously the CTO at Bleacher Report.

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Dave Gehring
CEO // Cofounder
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Sam Parnell
Board Member // Cofounder
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Katharina Borchert
Board Member
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Hannah Eaves
Head of Product
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Jarrett Shaffer
VP Business Operations
Headshot of a smiling woman with short blond hair and large hoop earrings
Carey Grange
Advisor - Agency Strategy & Partnerships
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Kevin Gilbert
Head of Engineering
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Caitlin Hendee
Dir. Editorial
Headshot of a smiling man with brown hair and a brown beard against a red brick wall
Chris Cornell
Dir. Sports & Special Projects
Headshot of a smiling woman with shoulder length light brown hair
Ashley Brunner
Fractional CFO
Headshot of a smiling man with spiky black hair
Sebastian McKelvey
Software Engineer
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Alec Flatness
Software Engineer


Distributed Media Lab benefits from individual investors with backgrounds coming from companies like:

Reuters logoGoogle logoHearst logoCNN logoTwitter logoWorld Economic Forum LogoMozilla logoNewsy logoUniversity of Missouri School of Journalism logoAperiam Ventures logo


DML partners with a wide range of organizations to drive new audience reach and revenue opportunities for quality publishers across the industry.

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DML partners with industry associations including the Local Media Association (LMA) to power The Branded Content Project and the Local Media Consortium (LMC).

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The Branded Content Project is a joint initiative of the LMA and LMC with funding from Facebook. DML is operating the project’s marketplace where local media operators go to discover branded content series for distribution on their properties.