DML partners with The Content Engine in Switzerland to power scaled content distribution for global brands and NGOs

July 30, 2023


Distributed Media Lab and The Content Engine have launched a strategic partnership to provide global clients with a scaled and targetable audience using DML’s powerful content curation & distribution technology platform. 

DML’s digital content distribution platform enables scaled audience reach and engagement from top-of-funnel awareness to conversion for branded or sponsored content via programmatic or direct placement strategies. 

The partnership will enable DML and The Content Engine to serve the growing content marketing industry, which Technavio projects will grow by $487 billion by 2026. The Content Engine’s numerous multinational and Multilateral clients, which include Holcim, UBS, the World Bank and others, will be able to leverage DML’s platform to reach new and engaged audiences across the United States and internationally.

“Significant changes in the market from browser privacy controls to social platforms increasing focus on user generated content are forcing premium brands and quality publishers to find new channels for scaled audience reach and engagement,” said DML CEO Dave Gehring. “Our partnership with The Content Engine provides a massive audience for the premium storytelling they uniquely provide for their global clients.”

“We are really excited about this partnership: our storytelling process and platform, combined with DML’s unique approach to distribution will provide a powerful combination for our international customer base,” said The Content Engine founder Mike Hanley.


About DML

Founded in 2018 and based in Palo Alto, California, DML is a digital content distribution platform empowering publishers and brands with efficient and scaled open web distribution to grow audience reach and revenue.

About The Content Engine

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with an international client base, The Content Engine is a digital communications company that gives organizations access to new technologies, processes and editorial talent to scale their communications teams’ work. 

Caitlin Hendee
Director of Editorial
Distributed Media Lab

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