How Programmatic Native Advertising is Transforming Brand Storytelling

July 30, 2023

Native advertising

A fast-growing number of brand marketers are embracing the power of programmatic native advertising—a highly effective combination of natively-delivered brand content and programmatic ad placement. Their aim is to improve targeting and deliver more personalized experiences to the most relevant and interested readers

The programmatic buying process allows brands and agencies to create and deliver beautiful, mobile-friendly content collections at scale. It allows them to leverage programmatic’s ongoing machine learning and sophisticated contextual targeting capabilities and access a robust publisher inventory of content placement options. Meanwhile, natively-presented brand content is an in-feed experience that fits the form and function of the publisher's site, creating a seamless user experience that’s more positive for site visitors, publishers and brands. 

Programmatic native is a trend that’s picking up serious steam: Last year, more than 85% of all native advertising was bought programmatically, with overall programmatic native ad spend expected to exceed $80 billion in 2022, according to a recent eMarketer study.

Our proprietary inline content collection presentation enables brands to share multiple content features from a single programmatic ad unit without having to leave the site, causing ad performance and overall engagement rates to climb even higher.

With DML’s turnkey distribution platform, programmatic native campaigns can be tailored to both user interest and site placement at scale, delivering better ROAS for advertisers and an infinitely more positive user experience for publishers and site visitors.

Rich Fahle
Head of Partnerships
Distributed Media Lab

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