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The AMP Framework

The AMP framework was initially conceived in conversation between leading European news organizations including The Guardian, FT, Les Echos and others, with Google in early 2015.

A core idea was to create a development framework that can serve as a web standard for content syndication. Foundational to the framework as a syndication format is support for a publisher's ads, analytics and paywalls so the publisher’s business model can travel with the content across the entire web.

An ancillary benefit of the AMP framework is to dramatically improve page performance. This benefit has been the focus of most if not all promotional efforts by Google and others to drive market adoption by publishers globally. Meanwhile, the original and foundational syndication aspects of the framework are not widely recognized beyond the major platforms including Google, Twitter, LinkedIN and others.

DML harnesses the syndication aspects of AMP to enable efficiently scalable publisher to publisher distribution. Using AMP as a syndication format, a Publisher’s ads, analytics and paywalls travel with the content in this new approach to web distribution. This expands the audience opportunity and revenue potential for publishers whose content is curated into DML powered content experience and embedded on participating websites using DML’s platform.

Traffic from AMP distribution is reflected in the AMP Publisher’s analytics, and any monetization on the AMP publisher’s AMP template is controlled by the AMP publisher.

Embedding website operators benefit from a unique content experience that does not link users away. Instead, the AMPs are rendered in a new DML AMP Viewer that launches on top of the browser when the user clicks on an AMP link in an embedded DML Collection. The Viewer is responsive and works seamlessly across Desktop and Mobile experiences.

Using AMP this way, DML provides AMP publishers a broader reach and potential revenue opportunity. And we are offering embedding website operators a compelling content experience composed of quality original content for deeper on-site reader engagement.