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The Distributed Media Lab Marketplace is a place for publishers to discover, embed and monetize quality content collections.

DML collections are designed to provide deep reader engagement in a new user experience that maintains your audience on your site.

DML collections can be composed of either content curated from premium sources across the web or custom content created by DML’s own content studio and partners.


Search or browse embeddable content collections covering numerous topics including Sports, Environment, Travel, Business, Healthcare & Wellness, Politics and so much more.


Select collections to embed offering readers engaging content from across the web in a compelling user experience that keeps your readers engaged on site and does not cause them to click away.


Monetize collections on your site with branding campaigns and manage your campaigns directly from the Campaign Manager tools within the Marketplace.


Learn how to benefit your local business community and drive new revenue from branded content campaigns by leveraging the resources and tools available in the Marketplace.


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Sample Collections