FAQ / Sales and Sponsorships

How do I embed a Collection?

To embed a Collection, click the “Embed” button. From there, you can choose the layout (default is 4x1) and the number of content items to display. Then, simply copy the HTML code. That code can be pasted onto a publisher’s website.

What is Custom Content?

Custom content is an article or series that the DML team will create to communicate a brand’s story, promotion, topic, event, etc. Custom content helps brands build authority, connect with target audiences and generate interest.

This option is our best practice because it provides the most value to the brand and the readers. Please note that the article will need to be published before it can be incorporated into the Collection. To do this: 

  • You can either add an AMP’d Sponsored Content Article written and published by the Brand 
  • Add a Sponsored Content Article from your publisher’s website. We also recommend upselling your package and creating sponsored content for brands. 

Our Content Studio can provide you with Custom Content. Simply fill out a Custom Content request here or contact Caitlin@distributedmedialab.com for more information. 

Are there any requirements to include Custom Content in a Collection?

Custom Content that appears in a Collection must be AMP’d.

What are the definitions of each of the data points DML provides to advertisers?

  • Collection Embeds: The total number of unique collections placements by domain
  • Collection Loads: Collection loaded on a page via a page load
  • Collection Impressions: Collection is 25% or greater viewability
  • Ad Impressions: Ad assets are loaded and viewed with collection at 25% or greater viewability
  • Clicks (Viewer Opens): Number of user collection clicks to open the viewer and view content
  • Collection CTR: Clicks (viewer opens) divided by collection impressions as a percentage
  • CTA Clicks: User clicks on ad assets on the collection, viewer, and in-article
  • CTA Rate: CTA clicks divided by ad impressions as a percentage

Can I extend the dates of the campaign?

Yes, you can extend and reduce the dates as long as it’s less than 10 business days from the date of the launch.

What assets do I need to collect to launch a sponsorship?

For an ad campaign sponsorship, you will need the following assets:

  • What type of branded content should be included?
  • Amp'd Content
  • Image Asset - 300 pixels x 200 pixels
  • Headline Copy - Maximum 50 Characters
  • Amp URL
  • Native Display
  • Image Asset - 300 pixels x 200 pixels
  • Headline Copy - Maximum 50 Characters
  • Click-Through URL
  • Sponsor Branding Logo
  • Asset - 20 pixels height
  • Click-Through URL
  • Sponsor Viewer Right Rail
  • Asset - 300x250 pixels height
  • Click-Through URL

If the ad campaign sponsorship will include in-article ads, please also include the following assets:

  • Top of Article Page (TOAP)
  • Asset
  • Desktop Asset - 728x90
  • Mobile - 320x50
  • Click-Through URL
  • Middle of Article Page (MOAP)
  • Asset
  • Desktop and Mobile Asset - 300x250
  • Click-Through URL
  • Bottom of Article Page (BOAP)
  • Asset
  • Desktop Asset - 728x90
  • Mobile - 320x50
  • Click-Through URL

I’ve sold a sponsorship, what do I have to do next?

Great! Congrats! First off, high five yourself as you’ve done the hard part and we’re excited to get your sponsorship launched.

Next, head to the DML Marketplace Campaign Manager (dml.market/campaigns) and select “New Ad Campaign”. Follow along with the campaign builder steps and submit all of the necessary sponsorship information and assets. You can save your progress at any time. Once all information and assets are loaded, accept the IO terms, and finalize your submission. Our ad operations team will receive the details, accept the campaign, and finalize the campaign setup. Once the campaign is ready to go live, the team will reach out to you via email to confirm that the campaign has been launched. If you have any questions about the campaign setup process, please reach out to DML Support (support@distributedmedialab.com).

What do I do if I encounter an issue?

Contact support@distributedmedialab.com

What do I do if I have Custom Content that is not AMP’d?

If you cannot AMP the content, don’t worry. You can simply redirect your readers to your sponsored article (hosted on your site or on your advertiser’s) like you would with a native display ad.

Do ad creatives have to be static?

Our banner ad on the right rail supports: png, jpg and gifs.

Our in-article ads support all of the above. We also support HTML5S and third-party tags.

Do Collections contain market exclusivity?

No. Collections are not exclusive to specific markets or specific publishers. If you are interested in developing a market exclusive or publisher exclusive collection, please reach out to DML Support (support@distributedmedialab.com).

How and when do I get charged?

You will be charged on a monthly basis on the first of the month for that current month’s flat rate of $250 per campaign for up to 125,000 impressions. Once the 125,000 total impressions are hit for the month, the campaign will not continue to deliver unless you have agreed to serve additional impressions at a $2.00 CPM based on your campaign pricing to your sponsor and have delivered approval in writing to Distributed Media Lab for the additional impressions. You will be charged via the credit card that is on file within your DML Marketplace account.

How should we price the series to sponsors?

There are two main ways to price series to sponsors: a share-of-voice sponsorship or an impression-based sponsorship. If your website does not generate a large number of impressions, we would recommend that you price a series sponsorship as a share-of-voice sponsorship. A share-of-voice sponsorship is priced at a fixed rate for a specific time period. For example, the sponsorship could be priced at $2,000 per month or $6,000 per quarter (3 months) for 100% share-of-voice. Share-of-voice is the amount of share that a specific sponsor receives as the marque sponsor of the collection. So, if a sponsor has 100% share-of-voice, and the collection sponsor assets are shown 100 times, then that specific sponsor’s assets will be shown 100 times. If the sponsor has 50% share-of-voice for the same example, then the sponsor’s sponsorship assets will be shown 50 times out of the possible 100 times.

An impression-based sponsorship is used to price a sponsorship campaign based on a specific amount of impressions that the sponsor will receive at a specific rate CPM (cost per thousand impressions) during a specific amount of time. For example, you could price an amount of 100,000 impressions at a $15 CPM per month, which would come to $1,500.00 per month to the sponsor. Impression-based sponsorships are best used if your website has a large amount of traffic. As DML campaigns utilize premium placements on your website, utilize branded content, and are a unique offering, we recommend that you price your CPMs at a premium, typically between $10 and $15 CPM.

What kind of training and education do you provide to sales teams?

DML provides consistent training and education for sales teams. We recommend reviewing our Resource Center first in order to gain a basic knowledge of the DML platform, collections, content offerings, ad campaigns, and services. DML hosts training sessions monthly and you can reach out to DML Support (support@distributedmedialab.com) in order to schedule a quick one-time dedicated training session.

I’m not seeing the ads, what can I do to troubleshoot?

If you’re not seeing the ads, first, please ensure that you do not have any ad blockers installed on your computer or browser. Ad blockers may effect whether you are able to see the collection sponsorship ads. Also, please note that DML sponsorship campaigns currently only run within the United States, so if you are outside of the United States, you may not be able to see the ads.

If you are not running any ad blockers and are currently based in the United States, you may not be able to see the ads for a variety of reasons. Please reach out to DML support (support@distributedmedialab.com) with your publisher name, publisher URL, and ad campaign name letting us know that you are not able to see the sponsorship running and we will get back to you within one business day with an update. Please note that troubleshooting the ad campaigns may take longer than one business day, but we will get in touch with you within 1 business day to confirm that we are looking into the issues as well as potentially with next steps.

What is native display advertising?

With native display advertising, the advertiser shares a promotion ad with a click-through URL placed in the last card of the Collection.

What is the campaign manager?

The campaign manager is the section of the DML Marketplace where you can submit the details for live and demo campaigns. You can also check the status of your campaigns as well as the assets that are being used for each sponsorship.

What kind of sponsorships can I sell with Distributed Media Lab’s Collections?

You can sell two types of sponsorship experiences in the last card of a collection: 

You can either sell a “Sponsored Content Article” (and this is our best practice) or a “Native Display Advertising” integration.

Our sponsorships also include a viewer takeover with additional advertising assets.