Winter Olympics Is the Perfect Event to Get Started with DML Sports

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A global audience anxiously anticipates the 2022 Winter Olympics on February 4-20. The travel, cost, and time difference present significant challenges for Beijing Games coverage. Our curated collections provide readers with the stories behind every gold medal, broken world record and inspirational athlete while simultaneously offering publishers increased engagement and a chance to monetize the event.

Global Audience

Tens of millions across the U.S. and around the world watch and follow the Winter Olympics. The public’s demand for coverage intensifies in the buildup to, during, and after the completion of the Games.

That’s why we built collections dedicated exclusively to keeping readers in the know about their favorite teams, athletes and personalities.

With headliners like snowboarders Chloe Kim and Shaun White, skier Mikaela Shiffrin, and figure skaters Alysa Liu and Vincent Zhou vying for more gold medals, these Games will be must-see TV.

This tentpole event will attract brands, diehard sports followers, casual fans and more. It’s the perfect time to get one of our collections on your site and capitalize on the sponsorship and reader engagement benefits.

Collections Overview

We offer Olympic content distribution that will provide comprehensive coverage of the events in Beijing. Our collections include daily event schedules, key event results, nation standings, athlete, coach and team profiles, and full coverage of world records, controversies, and trending news from Olympic Village.

Publications can feature our trending sports collection, which will be heavily focused on the Beijing Games, but will also provide coverage of the NFL Playoffs, Super Bowl and top headlines from around the sports world. The Winter Olympics collection is another option that will be solely dedicated to the happenings from Beijing throughout the Games.


The Winter Olympics collections can open the door to conversations with countless brands that would be interested in sponsorship offers. Whether it’s grocery stores, restaurants, big-box retailers, car dealerships, furniture stores, sports betting sites or beer and liquor brands, this event could be a gateway to fresh, fruitful sponsor relationships. “Presented by” branding is available for sponsorship of our curated collections, and there’s additional display advertising inventory available for a brand within the collection’s content viewer experience.

For our two local sales campaign offerings, we recommend selling impression-based campaigns at $15 retail CPM, while retail rate for share-of-voice campaigns can vary widely based on the size and quality of the publisher audience. For all collection campaigns, DML charges a $250 floor or a $2 CPM, whichever is higher, for managed service fees.

Next Steps

Request access to the DML Marketplace to embed our sports collections on your site today! For more information, contact me directly at

Don’t miss out on making an impact for your organization during the Beijing Winter Games. Let our collections get to work for you!

Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell
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