Marketplace Minute: Here’s What’s On Tap for the Holidays

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It's the most wonderful time of the year!

That's right, the holiday season is here—if you can believe that. There will be parties to attend, plenty of baking and cooking, presents to buy, family members and loved ones to see, traveling to plan, and definitely a bath and massage (or two!) to decompress.

And with all those busy happenings, there will be scores of readers consuming content that gives them ideas, guides, updates, news and more.

Publishers have a unique opportunity to capture that engaged audience during Q4, and the DML Marketplace is just the place to do it.

Here's a look at why the holiday season is an exciting time to partner with DML.

For Newsrooms

The DML Marketplace is chock full of collections that include the holiday-focused content readers will seek throughout Q4. They're the perfect options for newsrooms looking for a simple, free way to expand and enhance their coverage.


Travel Pulse's 2021 Holiday Travel Survey says millions of Americans expect to travel during the upcoming holiday season. That's why ourTravel Section is perfect to capture readers' attention, with content that includes travel hacks and tips, destination reviews, the latest news, features and more.


It's no secret that we Americans love our football! That's definitely a fact during the holidays, where watching football is as much a tradition for many families as pumpkin pie and turkey. Take advantage of that fact by snagging one of our many NFL News collections. We have single collections dedicated to each and every team, as well as a hand-curated, league-wide collection with the top news of the day.


Food is pretty much at the top of reader consumption lists year-round, and that's especially true during the holidays! People are looking for recipe ideas to impress their friends and family, the latest trending food news and beer- and wine-themed product reviews and gift guides. They'll find that and a heck of a lot more in our Food Section!

Remember, collections are always free to embed and include several layout options to fit within any publisher's website. They're an excellent way to cast a wider coverage net!

For Sales Teams

As sales teams know well, Q4 is a heavy advertising period, with brands looking to stand out among their competitors in any and every way possible.

In fact, retailers see a good portion of their revenue coming in Q4, and that's likely to be even more true during the 2021 shopping season. Roku and The Harris Poll's 2021 Annual Holiday Consumer Shopping survey found that shoppers are more optimistic this year and will likely spend in record numbers.

The survey found that “more than 1 in 3 holiday shoppers (36%) plan on spending more this year, a significant increase from the past three years (and the highest number reported since 2018).” Plus, “consumers expect to spend a record $937 on holiday purchases—a 5% increase year-over-year.”

Brands will latch onto the opportunity to advertise on collections or leverage the DML Content Studio to create custom content unique to them and connect with the consumers engaging with that content. And DML, in partnership with the Meta Branded Content Project, has some great products to do just that.

The Entertainer

Party planning, decorating, recipes and hot holiday trends are all topics that spike reader engagement during Q4. The Entertainer'ssponsored content collection includes things like DIY decoration ideas, stocking stuffer and gift guides, creative appetizers and how to throw an epic New Year's Eve party. And that's exactly the kind of content big-box retailers, wine and liquor stores, home decor and supermarkets are looking to get behind.

Healthy Living

Holidays and baking go together like frosting and cupcakes (see what we did there?). Many Americans still want to enjoy all the deliciousness of their favorite holiday treats but with fewer calories and a bit more nutritional value. That mindset is one advertisers like grocery stores, consumer packaged goods brands, health and fitness providers, and even utilities want to feature with the many holiday recipe roundups found in our Healthy Living collection.

Cannabis Weekly

Cannabis retailers don't have the chance to advertise easily. Federal laws restrict them from advertising on social media and broadcast, giving digital and print publishers a unique opportunity. There's also a huge surge of cannabis sales during the holidays (college kids, right?), making the Cannabis Weekly collection an excellent choice for sales teams looking to capitalize on this ever-growing market. This collection includes cannabis-themed gift guides, how to throw a 420-friendly holiday party, ideal strains for destressing and much, much more.

If you're a sales executive looking to end 2021 with a bang, look no further than DML's sponsored content collections. They're the perfect product to present brands and ensure they stand out and connect with their target audiences.

Plus, the DML Marketplace includes sales decks, prospecting emails and content calendars that make your sales process as seamless as possible.

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