Marketplace Minute: Fall in Love with February's Content

Fall in Love with February's ContentPhoto: tiburonstudios via Getty Images

February may be the shortest month of the year, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on revenue and content opportunities!

Of course, good ‘ole Valentine’s Day always brings a whole lot of opportunities to capitalize on audiences seeking ideas for how to celebrate. February also brings significant sporting events, with both the Super Bowl and the Olympics top of mind for all the fans out there.

Plus, with experts predicting the peak of the omicron COVID wave coming in January, readers will be seeking healthcare-related content, too.

That means publishers have plenty of opportunities to capture their audience’s attention by leveraging all the content the DML Marketplace has to offer.

For Newsrooms

2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Bring on the skiing, figure skating and ice hockey! A Statista survey found the majority of U.S. residents plan on viewing the 2022 Winter Olympics, including 37% of respondents over age 65. That’s a whole lot of interest from an audience that will definitely be looking to their local publishers for updates, too. Our hand-curated 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Trending Sports collections give your newsroom a simple way to expand your Olympics coverage by leveraging content from quality publications across the web. Learn more about this exciting and unique opportunity here. . .


Experts predicted that the nationwide omicron COVID surge would peak by the end of January. With so many people infected and the dangers of the novel coronavirus top of mind for many Americans, healthcare-related content is a top performer for newsrooms and a vital resource for readers. DML’s Healthcare SectionHealthcare Section collections make it easy by rounding up content related to various health topics, such as mental wellness, medical coverage tips, heart health and COVID-specific news.


Americans and football go together like peanut butter and jelly. About 94.6 million viewers tuned in to Super Bowl LV in 2021. Throughout the postseason, NFL-related content consumption leading up to the big game means big digital business for local newsrooms. The DML Marketplace has an entire section dedicated to NFL coverage, including a hand-curated collection filled with top news and analysis from around the league, plus collections for all 32 teams. It’s a no-brainer for newsrooms to pop an embed code on their sports section to cast an even wider coverage net.

For Sales Teams

Valentine’s Day

The Day of Love means big bucks for brands. The National Retail Federation reported that consumers spent $21.8 billion on gifts in 2021. That’s quite an incentive for sponsors like big-box retailers, supermarkets, gift shops, liquor stores, restaurants, craft stores and more to fork out advertising dollars to capture their share of those consumers. DML and The Meta Branded Content Project have several articles across all 10 branded content series that focus on Valentine’s Day, such as date night ideas, how to create homemade valentines and laughter-inducing cannabis strains fun for a couple’s night at home.

Healthy Living

New Year’s resolutions sometimes get a bad rap, but the fact is, a Statista survey found that 39% of U.S. adults made one for 2022—and the No. 1 resolution revolved around weight loss and eating healthier. That’s why the Healthy Living collection is just the thing to present to local sponsors. It features articles focused on things like wholesome cooking swaps, winter salad recipes and even making healthier restaurant choices.

Cannabis Weekly

The explosive growth in the U.S. cannabis industry shows no signs of slowing down, with research firm BDSA projecting legal cannabis sales rocketing to $30 billion in 2022. With restrictions and uncertainty surrounding many advertising avenues for cannabis retailers, they continue turning to digital publishers as the solution. The Cannabis Weekly collection is chock full of content they’ll be lining up to get behind, such as a state-by-state by-the-numbers breakdown of cannabis sales, a comprehensive guide to purchasing a bong, even cannabis growers worth following on social media.

Sales executives have no shortage of ways they can find revenue opportunities and sales support resources in the DML Marketplace. The sponsored content collections cater to advertisers by providing the high-quality content readers are actively engaging with, while the editorial-focused collections give them a wide variety of news topics they can leverage.

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Caitlin Hendee

Caitlin Hendee
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