Here's How You Can Grow Your Sports Audience Through the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics

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Super Bowl LVI offers publishers one final, significant opportunity to capitalize on engagement from live NFL action this season. Additionally, the Beijing Winter Olympics is finally here, and the global sporting showcase is brimming with world-class athletes and cultural and social significance. And with the Daytona 500, the NBA’s trade deadline and All-Star Game, the ongoing NHL season and (hopefully!) the return of baseball with MLB spring training action, this month offers a little bit of everything for sports followers.

With an overflowing slate of events, February is an ideal time to capture the moment and the audience with DML sports collections. Our free-to-embed, curated sports content products provide expanded coverage and fresh monetization opportunities with no commitment required.

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Let’s take a deeper look at this month’s tentpole events, our product offerings and how we can help boost your publication’s sports content reach.

Super Bowl LVI

NFL games stand as one of the few remaining mass live television viewing events in American culture. NFL regular-season games accounted for 75 of the top 100 most-watched broadcasts of 2021, per Sportico. The audience numbers are truly staggering when we talk about the NFL’s grand finale. According to Statista, last year’s Super Bowl between the Chiefs and Buccaneers drew 91.6 million U.S. viewers, and the Patriots-Seahawks showdown in 2015 resulted in a record 114.4 million viewers.

This year’s matchup on Feb. 13 features the favored Los Angeles Rams, the first-ever host city team to advance to the Super Bowl, against the underdog Cincinnati Bengals, making their first appearance since 1989. The unlikely pairing is a testament to the league’s parity and sure to produce the usual jaw-dropping ratings as well as a digital traffic surge.

DML’s hand-curated NFL collection offers expert analysis, player profiles, injury reports, historical perspective, betting advice, and much more. The collection is the best product to cover the big game. We also have team collections for both the Rams and the Bengals dedicated to local coverage of both sides. Plus, the Trending Sports collection is ideal for smaller publishers that want a daily snapshot for the top stories from all sports.

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Football Never Stops

Even after the confetti drops on a new champion, there will still be a demand for NFL coverage as attention shifts to free agency, trades, and the NFL Draft. This offseason could potentially see A-list athletes like Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson find new teams. The intrigue and speculation will keep fan interest high, despite a lack of on-the-field action.

According to a recent Deloitte report, 65% of sports fans say they want to receive some form of content from their team at least monthly during the offseason. Our NFL collection will continue to be an excellent source for breaking news and analysis year-round. We also have individual collections for every NFL team if your publication wants to focus on the local market.

Winter Olympics

The Opening Ceremony on Feb. 4 officially launched the 2022 Winter Olympics, and the Games will continue through Feb. 20 in Beijing. Tens of millions across the U.S. and around the world are watching and following the action. However, the travel, cost, and time difference present significant challenges for coverage. Our curated collections provide readers with the stories behind every gold medal, broken world record and inspirational athlete.

We offer Olympic content distribution that provides comprehensive ongoing coverage of the Games. Publications can feature our Trending Sports collection, heavily focused on the Beijing Games while also providing top headlines from around the sports world. And the Winter Olympics collection is solely dedicated to the happenings from Beijing throughout the Games.

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Daytona 500

The Super Bowl of auto racing is also this month with the Daytona 500 taking place Feb. 20. The marquee race traditionally draws the biggest NASCAR audience of the year, with over 100,000 spectators on-hand and millions watching from home around the world. Last year, nearly five million saw Michael McDowell’s victory lap, but the event has seen higher peaks like when 19 million watched Jimmie Johnson’s win in 2006.

Motorheads can also satisfy their speed needs with NASCAR, Formula 1 and IndyCar content with our Auto Racing collection. Again, the Trending Sports collection is a good option if your publication is focused on the top races that get mainstream attention.

Other Tentpole Events in February

LeBron James, Steph Curry and defending champion Giannis Antetokounmpo will headline the NBA All-Star weekend festivities on Feb. 18-20. The events will include the Dunk Contest, Three-Point Contest and Sunday’s All-Star Game. The NBA’s trade deadline is also fast approaching on Feb. 10. With teams like the Lakers, Warriors and Nets seeking to add talent for a run at the title, it’s sure to be an active window and fans love to keep up on all the speculation. Our NBA collection offers comprehensive coverage all season long and we also have collections for every team full of great local content.

The second half of the NHL season is coming into focus and there’s plenty of excitement with teams like the New York Rangers and Colorado Avalanche on the rise. Add the NHL collection or any of our team collections to keep hockey fans on your site in the know.

And despite ongoing labor disputes, baseball is swinging into the picture again. Pitchers and catchers are supposed to report to Spring Training this month. While we await the resolution of the labor conflict and lockout, baseball fans can get the latest on the situation as well as season previews for their favorite teams and players with our MLB collection or any of our team collections for all 30 squads.

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