NBA and NHL Playoffs: Do-or-Die Drama Is the Perfect Time for Publishers to Start DML Partnerships

Hardware defines sports legacies. And the coming months are prime time for emerging legends—with the Larry O'Brien Trophy and the Stanley Cup on the line.

The marathon playoff seasons for pro basketball and hockey hit a dramatic stride in May and culminate in mid-June (for NBA) and early July (for hockey). The audience grows with each progressive round, leaving a significant opportunity for publishers to link up with advertisers and cash in on the heightened engagement period. 

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Marketplace Minute: Check Out Our New FAQ Section and Streamlined Self-Publish Process

The Distributed Media Lab (DML) team is committed to continuously improving the Marketplace customer experience.

Recently, we rolled out two new features to ensure a more streamlined experience for editorial and sales teams. Our new FAQ section provides quick, digestible responses to the most common questions asked by customers. And our new series order form for The Meta Branded Content Project streamlines the process for signing up to receive monthly articles in our 10 engaging, sponsor-ready series.

Read on for more information about these exciting new features and the exciting things our development team is working on for release in the near future!

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2022 NFL Draft: Fresh Hope for Fanbases & Publishers During Football Offseason's Crown Jewel

April provides a grandiose entree to satisfy football-starved Americans. Entertainment mecca Las Vegas will host the NFL Draft for the first time on April 28-30.

The annual three-day, seven-round megaevent represents the most important dates on the NFL’s offseason calendar. And while the league welcomes a group of world-class talent, the draft will attract lapsed and new fans and big brands, meaning fresh advertising and engagement opportunities for publishers.

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Marketplace Minute: Fly Into Warmer Months with Expanded Travel Coverage

The busy summer travel season is right around the corner, providing exciting opportunities for newsrooms and sales teams!

The travel industry is slowly building back as the world continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Many Americans are looking to get away after months of cautious behavior and staying at home.

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Brackets, Upsets & Buzzer Beaters: March Madness Offers a Thrill for Fans and Publishers

The time for filling out brackets and cheering on obscure collegiate underdogs is nearly upon us again.

The weeks-long NCAA men’s basketball tournament (held March 13 through April 4), and the NCAA women’s basketball tournament (March 16 through April 4), attract millions of sports fans every year. And big brands and advertisers commit vast sums of money to woo that audience toward their products and services.

Distributed Media Lab’s sports content solutions will get your publication in on the action and use the March Madness excitement to satisfy reader demand and bring new advertisers into the fold.

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Marketplace Minute: March Into Healthcare with DML Collections

The COVID-19 pandemic is waning in many parts of the world. Still, the profound and lasting impacts it created will reach many years into the future.

Spending on U.S. national healthcare reached a staggering $4.1 trillion in 2020 and experts estimate that that number will balloon to $8.3 trillion by 2040, according to an Insider Intelligence report.

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Here's How You Can Grow Your Sports Audience Through the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics

Super Bowl LVI offers publishers one final, significant opportunity to capitalize on engagement from live NFL action this season. Additionally, the Beijing Winter Olympics is finally here, and the global sporting showcase is brimming with world-class athletes and cultural and social significance. And with the Daytona 500, the NBA’s trade deadline and All-Star Game, the ongoing NHL season and (hopefully!) the return of baseball with MLB spring training action, this month offers a little bit of everything for sports followers.

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Marketplace Minute: Fall in Love with February's Content

February may be the shortest month of the year, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on revenue and content opportunities!

Of course, good ‘ole Valentine’s Day always brings a whole lot of opportunities to capitalize on audiences seeking ideas for how to celebrate. February also brings significant sporting events, with both the Super Bowl and the Olympics top of mind for all the fans out there.

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Winter Olympics Is the Perfect Event to Get Started with DML Sports

A global audience anxiously anticipates the 2022 Winter Olympics on February 4-20. The travel, cost, and time difference present significant challenges for Beijing Games coverage. Our curated collections provide readers with the stories behind every gold medal, broken world record and inspirational athlete while simultaneously offering publishers increased engagement and a chance to monetize the event.

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AMP Is Essential for Powering Web Syndication

AMP is about open web syndication more than page performance or Google search traffic.

When a collaboration of European news organizations working with Google launched the AMP Project in late 2014, the driving ambition was for the AMP framework to serve as a new syndication format for open web distribution with publisher control over ads, analytics and paywalls. In fact, “ads, analytics and paywalls” was a mantra uttered by executive leadership in every meeting about the project at the Guardian’s Kings Cross London headquarters throughout fall 2014 and early 2015.

AMP was conceived and designed to support open web syndication from day one.
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Marketplace Minute: Here’s What’s On Tap for the Holidays

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

That's right, the holiday season is here—if you can believe that. There will be parties to attend, plenty of baking and cooking, presents to buy, family members and loved ones to see, traveling to plan, and definitely a bath and massage (or two!) to decompress.

And with all those busy happenings, there will be scores of readers consuming content that gives them ideas, guides, updates, news and more.
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A Simple, Expanded Sports Coverage Solution for Your Newsroom

Local newsrooms have to be more resourceful and innovative to provide sports coverage amid depleting resources.

Meanwhile, readers’ demand for sports content remains as high as it’s ever been. National outlets and sports aggregators capitalize on the situation by swiping local audience shares with their coverage.

Luckily, our turnkey content distribution solution gives local newsrooms a way to keep those readers on their websites, consuming the content they crave without forcing them to head to alternative publishers. Our sports collections deliver high-quality, engaging sports news from trusted publishers across the web, all with one simple embed code you can host within your website infrastructure.
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