Marketplace Minute: Here’s What’s On Tap for the Holidays

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

That's right, the holiday season is here—if you can believe that. There will be parties to attend, plenty of baking and cooking, presents to buy, family members and loved ones to see, traveling to plan, and definitely a bath and massage (or two!) to decompress.

And with all those busy happenings, there will be scores of readers consuming content that gives them ideas, guides, updates, news and more.
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A Simple, Expanded Sports Coverage Solution for Your Newsroom

Local newsrooms have to be more resourceful and innovative to provide sports coverage amid depleting resources.

Meanwhile, readers’ demand for sports content remains as high as it’s ever been. National outlets and sports aggregators capitalize on the situation by swiping local audience shares with their coverage.

Luckily, our turnkey content distribution solution gives local newsrooms a way to keep those readers on their websites, consuming the content they crave without forcing them to head to alternative publishers. Our sports collections deliver high-quality, engaging sports news from trusted publishers across the web, all with one simple embed code you can host within your website infrastructure.
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